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Sogno Italiano

Monthly reach of +308,635 Italy lovers.

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By far the fastest growing Dutch website about Italy.
Sogno Italiano reaches more than 308,635 Italy lovers every month, which is why a collaboration is a matter of course and a guarantee that your message will be spread widely. Curious? Discover our possibilities.
New player that stands out from other Italian websites
Sogno Italiano is by far the fastest growing website about Italy. Because we have everything we write about, seen, experienced and lived. That's why we stand out from all other travel websites about Italy and for this reason we have a growing and loyal group of followers. As a new player, we have proven ourselves to be a reliable and original platform.
Ambassador I borghi più belli d’Italia
Recognized and official ambassador of the Italian organization I borghi più belli d'Italia, we have proven ourselves a reliable partner for promoting unique Italian destinations.
Sogno Italiano is authentic, unique and inspires
The different features give the opportunity to write about various topics from different perspectives and in a completely original way. By continuously varying destinations and topics we have a wide target group of growing, loyal and faithful readers.
We publish unique articles that inform, inspire, convince and attract people who, like us, love and embrace 'la bella Italia' and ‘la dolce vita’.
Monthly reach >1.3mln Italy lovers
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Guaranteed to spread your message widely.
That's why we understand that a collaboration is a matter of course. Elevate yourself with the fast-growing platform for Italy lovers. We offer you a range of opportunities.
Our opportunities
Advertorial from €190,-

Do you want your own article because you want to make sure your message is spread widely? Of course you can. With full commitment and passion we write readable online articles in our own way as our readers are used to.
We write catchy texts that read well and where authenticity and credibility are guaranteed. Contact us for a surprising proposal and we will write a 'smart' advertorial, in the Dutch language, of your company, brand or organization. We can also translate your story.

Newsletter €450

Would you like to be mentioned in the newsletter to present your message quickly and directly? This is possible in the form of an advertorial or advertisement.
For 9 years now we have published newsletters every Saturday. Therefore, taking advantage of a huge reach of Italy lovers is a logical choice. Contact us for an advertorial and/or an advertisement in the newsletter.

Advertising website and/or social media from €250,-

Do you want to advertise at Songo Italiano because it's the perfect place for everything about Italy? You can do this on the website and/or through our social media channels.
Guaranteed, you'll have a great reach. Our Instagram account alone has over 157.642 followers and is growing with 1100 followers every week. Use our success for an explosive reach in the Netherlands, Belgium and worldwide. Get in touch.

Free advertising on our Facebook page and Pinterest account

We like to help you with a large reach, we offer the opportunity to advertise for free on our Facebook page and Pinterest account. This is possible when you buy advertising space on the Sogno Italiano website or Instagram account in the form of a post and/or story. Why make it difficult when it can be easy? Contact us now for this offer.

Claiming Theme from €450

You want to reach a huge audience? We offer the option to "claim" a theme. For example, claim the theme Tuscany and your company or organization will be listed on all our articles about Tuscany. In this way you will be visible all the time.
This exclusive offer is only available by us, so contact us now.

Our opportunities
On site
Working together on location from €1500

Do you want to work with us because you want to reach a large audience and take the most of all our channels? There are remarkably many possibilities. For example, our readers like to read about beautiful destinations and travel stories where we have been ourselves. That gives them confidence.
We provide the article with original photos and combine them with posts and stories via our social media channels. This is the most powerful way to get the message across to a large public. Do you have a suggestion or you want to invite us? Contact us now.

Our opportunities
Instagram Management

With more than 157.642 followers, we know better than anyone how to create attractive content and remain visible. We grow weekly with 1100 new followers. That is why many people, companies and organizations know how to find us.
We offer three packages that you can use to build a successful Instagram marketing strategy. After all, the platform is an indispensable tool to increase business through various tools.
Ready to grow and bring your Instagram account to a new level, but don’t have time? We take your valuable time and we’ll provide your Instagram account with attractive content in order to create a feed which matches with your audience and followers.
We generate more followers, engagement, traffic to your website and sales. We use all the tools so you remain visible and get more out of your business. Read on for more information about the different packages.

Advertising itineraries guides p.m. €45

Our itineraries guides will bring you through the most beautiful destinations we have visited and are therefore frequently used by our readers. For this reason, an advertisement accompanying the relevant itinerary is an easy way to make yourself visible, to show that your company or organization is in the area. We can't make it any easier for you. Contact us now.

Campaign or longer term

Do you want to launch a campaign, collaborate on a longer term basis or use different options at the same time. It's certainly possible and that's why we're always open for suggestions. Contact us now.

Newsletter listing

Article newsletter



Article website

from €190

Advertising website



Itinerary advertisement

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Claiming Theme

Advertisement with any self-selected theme/category

from €450

On site

Newsletter + website + all social media channels

from €1500

Instagram Post

Also automatically posted on our Facebook page


Instagram Story set

3x with link


Sogno Italiano - +31 6 83428751
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